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Fridge and Freezer Replacement Hinges

We are being frequently asked to repair integrated fridge door hinges on Neff, Bosch and Siemens fridges and fridge freezers. The picture shows the type of hinges and there is a list of fridges which take this type of hinge. The problem is the actual hinge on the fridge which suffers internal damage which prevents the door staying closed.

We can either supply the hinges or for customers in London and the South East we provide a fitting service at additional cost. This ensures the decorative cabinet door is also replaced and the door functions correctly.

Neff Fridge Hinges are £94 /pr and the others are £78/pr.

Please contact us on 01689 850000 discuss your individual requirements.

The Model numbers of fridges and fridge/freezers which are affected are as follows:

G5614X1/01, G5624X0GB/43, G5624X6GB/01, K4254X7GB/02, G5614X1/02, G5624X4/01, G5624X6GB/02, K4255X1GB/01, G5614X4/01, G5624X4GB/01, G5624X7GB/01, K4255X3GB/01, G5614X4/02, G5624X5/01, G5624X7GB/02, K5604X4/01, G5614X6/01, G5624X6/01, K4254X4GB/01, K5604X4GB/01, G5614X6/02, G5624X6/02, K4254X4GB/02, K5604X6GB/01, G5614X6/03, G5624X6/03, K4254X4GB/03, K5604X6GB/02, G5614X6/04, G5624X6/04, K4254X6GB/01, K5604X7GB/01, G5614X6/05, G5624X6/05, K4254X6GB/02, K5604X7GB/02, G5624X0/43, G5624X6/06, K4254X7GB/01, K5605X0GB/31, K5605X1/01, K5614X6GB/02, K5624X6GB/03, K5654X0GB/35, K5605X1/02, K5614X7GB/01, K5624X7GB/01, K5654X1GB/01, K5605X1GB/01, K5624X0GB/31, K5625X1/01, K5654X1GB/02, K5605X2/01, K5624X0GB/32, K5625X1/02, K5654X2/01, K5614X0GB/31, K5624X1GB/01, K5625X2/01, K5654X2/02, K5614X0GB/32, K5624X4/01, K5625X4/01, K5654X2FF/01, K5614X1GB/01, K5624X4FF/01, K5625X4GB/01, K5654X4/01, K5614X4/01, K5624X4GB/01, K5634X0GB/41, K5654X4/02, K5614X4GB/01, K5624X6GB/01, K5654X0/35, K5654X4GB/01, K5614X6GB/01, K5624X6GB/02, K5654X0GB/34, K5654X6GB/01, K5654X6GB/02, K5744X4GB/02, K5745X2/01, K9514X4GB/04, K5654X7GB/01, K5744X4GB/03, K5745X2/02, K9514X6/01, K5665X1/01, K5744X4GB/04, K8614X0GB/31, K9514X6/02, K5665X2/01, K5744X6/01, K8614X1GB/01, K9514X6GB/01, K5665X3/01, K5744X6/02, K8614X1GB/02, K9514X6GB/02, K5744X4/01, K5744X6GB/01, K9514X4/02, K9514X6GB/03, K5744X4/02, K5744X7/01, K9514X4/03, K9524X4/02, K5744X4/03, K5745X1/01, K9514X4/04, K9524X4/03, K5744X4/04, K5745X1GB/01, K9514X4GB/02, K9524X4/04, K5744X4GB/01, K5745X1GB/02, K9514X4GB/03, K9524X4GB/02, K9524X4GB/03, K9524X7GB/01, K9625X1GB/01, K9625X4RK/04, K9524X4GB/04, K9524X7GB/02, K9625X1GB/02, K9625X4RK/05, K9524X6/01, K9524X7GB/03, K9625X1RK/01, K9625X6RK/01, K9524X6/02, K9525X4GB/01, K9625X2/01, K9724X4/02, K9524X6/03, K9525X4GB/02, K9625X2/02, K9724X4/03, K9524X6GB/01, K9525X4GB/03, K9625X2RK/01, K9724X4/04, K9524X6GB/02, K9525X4GB/04, K9625X3GB/01, K9724X4/05, K9524X6RU/01, K9625X0GB/31, K9625X4RK/01, K9724X4/06, K9524X6RU/02, K9625X0RK/02, K9625X4RK/02, K9724X4FF/01, K9524X6RU/03, K9625X1/01, K9625X4RK/03, K9724X4FF/02, K9724X4FF/03, K9724X4FF/06, K9724X4GB/04, K9724X6/01, K9724X4FF/04, K9724X4GB/02, K9724X4GB/05, K9724X6/02, K9724X4FF/05, K9724X4GB/03, K9724X4GB, K4624X4/01, K4624X4GB/02,  K4624X7/02,  K4664X4GB/03,  K4624X4/02 , K4624X4GB/03,  K4624X7GB/01,  K4624X7GB/01 , K4664X4GB/04 , K4624X4/03,  K4624X4GB/04,  K4664X4/01,  K4664X5FF/01,  K4624X4FF/01,  K4624X4GB/05, K4664X4/02,  K4664X5FF/02,  K4624X4FF/02,  K4624X4GB/06,  K4664X4/03, K4664X6/01,  K4624X4FF/03,  K4624X5FF/01, K4664X4FF/01,  K4664X7/01,  K4624X4FF/04, K4624X6/01,  K4664X4FF/02,  K4664X7/02 ,  K4624X4FF/05,  K4624X6/02,   K4664X4FF/03, K4664X7FF/01,  K4624X4FF/06,  K4624X6/03,  K4664X4GB/01 ,  K4664X7GB/01, K4624X4GB/01, K4624X7/01,  K4664X4GB/02

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