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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not listed here please contact us via our contact form or call us on 01689 850000.

1. What type of worktops do you sell & what’s the difference between them?.

We sell many different types of worktop including Laminate, Granite, Quartz, Corian & Maia.  Laminate is the least expensive of the worktops but is equally as durable as the other materials; it is available in a wide variety of colours & textures and most often we are able to provide matching upstands & splashbacks. Granite and quartz are similarly priced but can behave in slightly different ways; because Granite is a 100% natural stone it is often more porous than quartz and will of course be less uniform in colour and pattern.  Quartz is generally around 93% natural & 7% man made; as a result it is therefore slightly less porous and far more uniform.

Maia is a composite material which offers a great level of durability; it is also almost non-porous and the joints can be hidden very well!  There is an array of exciting colours available & the finish is silky smooth & pleasing to the eye. The most pre-dominant difference between Maia & Corian is the cost; Maia is likely to cost considerably less perhaps because the same seamless shapes cannot be created.  On the whole it is a good quality functional surface which would be sure to withstand a fast paced family home for many years!

2. My drawer runners are broken can I buy a replacement set?

We sell a variety of drawer runners in different lengths which are often suitable as replacements for MFI, Magnet & Moben kitchens; generally we are able to decipher which type you might need by asking a few crucial questions about your existing set up; so please don’t hesitate give us a call.

3.  Can I add drawers to what I am currently using as a shelved cabinet?

This is a transformation we are often asked to complete and it is perfectly possible.  You could fill the space in a number of different ways; the simplest is to keep the existing door and add internal drawers. These could be the depth of a cutlery or pan drawer, they could be ordinary drawer boxes, soft close or drawer style wire pullouts.  Alternatively we could make new drawer fronts and fit them to the combination of drawers which best suit your needs.

4. Can you match any door?

More often than not we can match doors & drawer fronts with a 95% plus accuracy. We are able to produce doors to match using a variety of different techniques and in order to give you our most accurate advice we will need to see the existing door.  If you’re unable to visit our showroom then feel free to send a photograph by email or post.

5. I don’t want to change my carcasses because there isn’t anything wrong with them, is this ok?

This is absolutely fine, we will replace as much or as little as you require. Often carcasses will withstand the test of time very well and won’t need to be altered but we can make them to fit any space so if you wish to add or change just one or two this is also possible.

6. Do you serve my area?

As a general rule we serve the whole of the South East; however we send component parts all over the world and we are very happy to offer advice even if you don’t live nearby so please do ask!

Please also take a look at our Locations page to see some of the areas we have supplied and fitted kitchens in.