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Make your kitchen a SMART Kitchen

Make your life easier and save time with smart appliances, giving you more time to focus on the more important things in life. There are many smart appliances on the market, from fridges that let you know what groceries you have in them, to voice activated appliances, to enhancements to your kitchen. Letting you stay in control, be better organised and of course save time and energy.

Smart Appliances

There are more and more smart appliances being developed for your kitchen. Designed with ease of use in mind, these smart appliances can save you time and enable you to multi task a lot easier.

Smart Oven and Fridge Freezer with Smart Hub

Smart Oven – A smart oven is an electric range that includes Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect the device to a companion app. The app allows users to control the appliance remotely from your phone or to set automatic functions so you can get your oven heating up ready for cooking whilst travelling home from work or whilst busy doing something else.

Smart ovens made by Bosch even have Alexa connectivity so you can operate the oven by voice letting you take control of your oven’s settings wherever you are.

Smart Microwave – A smart microwave is a microwave oven that connects to your smart home network, usually via Wi-Fi and includes expanded features and capabilities usually associated with smart devices. Some smart microwaves have barcode scanning capabilities which can be used to download cooking instructions and others will display various food items and it’s just a case of selecting the image of what you are planning to cook and pressing the button.

Additionally there are also Alexa Voice enabled microwaves too where you can say for example “Alexa microwave one potato” and it will microwave the potato for you simply by using your voice. Similar to using a regular microwave’s presets but with your voice.

Fridge/Freezer with a Smart Hub – the kitchen is the heart of the home and the Samsung Smart Fridge with a smart hub is definitely that. It has a large touch screen so you can get all the important family information at a touch of button such as key family dates, to do lists, send and receive messages and even watch programmes whilst cooking. Not only is the Smart Fridge going to keep your food fresh but you can also monitor what is inside so when out shopping you can see exactly what is in there already via your phone app.

Click here to view the Samsung Smart Hub Fridge Freezer on You Tube

Kitchen enhancements

There are lots of kitchen enhancements ranging from USB plug points to lighting to specialist cabinets. All designed with ease of use in mind and to fit into your kitchen.

Cabinet Plus

Make the most of your cabinet space with a motorised shelving unit that is located at the back of your wall cabinets.

Cabinet Plus innovative storage behind your cabinets

It fits in standard wall units and there are a range of accessories and inserts available. With touch button controls get instant access to your most frequently used kitchen tools. You can store all kinds of things such as wine bottles, knife boards, cookery books, frequently used spices and more in these spaces.

Pull Down Shelves

Make the most of your kitchen storage. High shelves can be used practically with this easy to use pull down shelves for easy storage.

Pull Dpwn Shelves

These are available for 500mm and 600mm wide units and can be used for both a standard or tall wall unit.

Pull Out Storage

Pull out storageStylish additional storage options are available such as pull out larders, pull out under worktop cabinets, corner cabinet units and drawer organisers so that you maximise your storage in the kitchen.

Qanto storage solution for L or U shaped kitchens

Qanto by Ninka is a storage solution ideal for L or U shaped kitchens making those hard to reach corner spaces more accessible.  Suitable for an array of items within the weight limits, store your small electrical appliances, bottles, boxes, pots or pans – Pop them into the trays and with a simple click of a button its hidden within the worktop.

Ninka Qanto

The Qanto offers a high degree of safety with a functions that stops movement immediately if there are obstructing objects,  Available with two or three vertically rising trays.

Automatic LED lighting for the middle and lower trays illuminating the trays as they rise and descend.  It can be fitted so the lifting strut is positioned to the left or the right as well as the back

Fold out lift shelf

Food mixers and processors are easier to access with the fold out lift shelf. Store your appliance on the shelf and lift this shelf to worktop height when ready to use.

Fold out lift shelf

In fully extended position the shelf lies flush with the worktop.  Lift up to release the locking mechanism when returning to stored position.  Installation width is optional between 300 mm and 568 mm as the two arms are completely separate.  The cranked mounting brackets prevent the door hinges fouling the shelf when raised.  When mounted directly beneath the worktop the smallest remaining usable height within the cabinet is 340 mm

Suitable for cabinet widths 350 – 600 mm.

Why it makes sense having a smart kitchen

A smart kitchen is ideal for saving time and energy as there are plenty of innovative ways to help you save time throughout the day.

Stay in control even when you are out doing something else with the amazing features of the home hub where you can see what you need to get in terms of groceries, or alternatively switch on appliances remotely as you need to so that when you are home they are ready to be used.

Stay organised in the kitchen with the innovative kitchen storage solutions. Saving space and making appliances easier to get out and use.  Overall the smart kitchen gives you more time to spend doing what you like to do as you can automate some of the tasks.

At the Kitchen Doctor, we design and fit kitchens taking into account the smart kitchen devices you want along with specialist custom enhancements to make your kitchen easy to use, stylish and elegant.
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