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Preventing flood damage to kitchen cabinets - The Kitchen DoctorThe Kitchen Doctor

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Preventing flood damage to kitchen cabinets

In the event you are in an area likely to experience flooding there are a few precautions you can take to protect your existing kitchen cabinets. Realistically there is a limit to what can be done depending on where your kitchen is situated. Many people who regularly experience flooding are relocating their kitchen to another floor although this is not practical for everyone to do. As most kitchen cabinets are made from chipboard and MDF they are very prone to water damage and can twist and warp. Raising your cabinets slightly (it is possible to raise them when installing your kitchen) may mean any flooding misses your cabinets although obviously this depends on the extent of the flood and the water level. As recent news has shown many people in areas hit by floods have had more than just a few inches of water. A kitchen plinth can easily be unclipped in the event of flooding and hinges such as clip top hinges will mean that you can easily remove your kitchen cupboard doors and drawers fronts.

Additionally water resistant materials can also be used such as stainless steel or solid wood however wood can still warp and discolour when submerged in water.

Please note that any electrical equipment needs to be well out of the way of potential flooding height.

From a complete replan and bespoke kitchen fitting to simply upgrading your existing kitchen and bringing it up to date call us on 01689 850000 to discuss your personal kitchen makeover requirements or alternatively use our contact form.

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