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Ways to improve your kitchen - The Kitchen DoctorThe Kitchen Doctor

The Kitchen Doctor

Ways to improve your kitchen

There are numerous ways in which you can give your kitchen a makeover and we have listed some of the most popular methods below.

Give your kitchen a new lease of life by updating the cabinet doors

If your existing cabinets are in good condition, new life can be given to them with our vast range of made to measure cabinet doors in a variety of styles to suit your kitchen.

New worktops

Upgrade your existing worktop from laminate to granite or a composite worktop. Made to measure to ensure they fit your existing kitchen perfectly!

Most worktops will last a long time but if yours is damaged or has excessive wear then replacing it may be a sensible option.  If the damage is very minor, then repairs can be made and worktop sections matched.


No makeover would be complete without up to date handles for your kitchen cupboards and drawers.  Simply by changing your handles you can give your kitchen a more up to date look.

New Appliances and fixtures

Make sure your appliances will match your new kitchen. We can supply appliances ranging from cookers, hobs, extractors, sinks and taps.  Also if you need to replace an older appliance to fit in your existing kitchen we might be able to find you a suitable match or alternative in the event it has been discontinued.


Change to look of your kitchen and increase it’s appeal, simply by redecorating your kitchen you can give it a new lease of life.   Feature walls can add character and make a statement.   Patterned or colour wallpaper (please note that you need wallpaper designed for use in kitchens) can greatly change the look along with new tiles or a splashback in glass, laminate or tiles.

LED Lighting

Upgrading the kitchen lighting to LED’s are more eco friendly and also cheaper than traditional lighting options. There are lots of LED lighting options available from plinth lights, under cabinet lights, downlights and much more. Please consult an electrician before undertaking any work.


New flooring will also make a big difference to your kitchen and the Kitchen Doctor can provide specialised flooring for kitchens (and also bathrooms).

The Kitchen Doctor Makeovers to save you money Telephone 01689 850000

Whatever you might need for your kitchen makeover, contact the Kitchen Doctor on 01689 850000 or alternatively use our contact form, we will be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

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