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Why your kitchen needs a Quooker boiling hot water tap

The Quooker boiling hot water tap really is a must have accessory for your kitchen as it improves your kitchen workflow as you can do so many different things with it instantly. The Quooker boiling hot water tap immediately dispenses filtered boiling hot water so you can prepare tea and coffee, soup or other hot beverages, sterilise pacifiers and kitchen utensils, and many other things quickly and easily. Ideal for home or office use, the Quooker the 100 degree Celcius hot tap saves you time, money, energy and water.

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Quooker’s unique and patented high vacumn insulation minimizes energy consumption and makes Quooker the most economical boiling water system on the market. Standby power consumption is in many cases more than 50% lower than traditional kitchen boilers. Heating up more water than you need becomes a thing of the past.

Quooker hot tap

The following is a list of just some of the things a Quooker boiling hot water tap can help you with:

Make tea and coffee
Make instant soup
Boil potatoes
Cook pasta and rice
Rince dirty saucepans
Clean your chopping board
Boil/blanch vegetables
Make delicious sauce
Boil Eggs
Heat using Au Bain Marie
Peel tomatoes
Make soup and broth
Simmer herb mixes
Make baby formula
Sterilise pacifiers and bottles
Heat plates and cups
Rinse the kitchen mixer
Sterilise jam pots
Poach Fish
Remove candle wax

Available in a range of styles and in chrome, stainless steel and brushed chrome – there are plenty of choices for your kitchen. Pictured below are just a small selection of the types of tap available in the Quooker range.

Quooker hot tap
Quooker hot tap
Quooker hot tap

The Kitchen Doctor Ltd is an authorised dealer for Quooker taps and accessories and we can supply and fit them into your existing kitchen. To discuss your Quooker tap requirements, please contact us on 01689 850000 or alternatively use our contact form.